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Sweater Saver™

Removes unsightly pilling from clothing! 1 pumice stone.
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Nothing says your clothing has seen better days like a rash of “pills” — those annoying little fiber balls that seem to grow on sweaters, fleece wear and even blankets, giving the appearance of permanent goose bumps. The brilliance of Secret No. 16, the Hollywood Sweater Saver™, lies in its simplicity. When compared with more expensive, battery-operated pill removers, our pill remover wins.

1. Lightly skim the palm-size, practically weightless pumice stone across the pill-laden fabric
2. Watch those vexing bumps disappear, revealing in mere moments your like-new sweater, coat or blanket

• Quickly renews sweaters and coats to that “just bought” look
• Refreshes blankets in minutes
• Environmentally safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, allergen free

Is it too abrasive?
The Sweater Saver is safe for most knits. A light touch removes pills easily without damaging fibers.

Is it messy?
The Sweater Saver does leave tiny pieces as it works to remove pills – it actually shaves them off, breaking off cells of the stone as it works. Simply shake out your sweater when you’re finished.

Does it leave black marks?
The dark color is 100% natural and organic. 
The Sweater Saver is not dyed so it won’t leave a colored residue.