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Hip Hugger®

The no-buckle, no-bulk, no-front belt. Available in Black or Navy. One size (Fits sizes 2-16).
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Say good-bye to the big-belt-buckle-bulge, “peek-a-booty” and t-bar sightings, and say hello to perfectly-fitting pants with Secret No. 19.  Our one-size belt alternative, which attaches to each side of your belt loops, creates a slim, body-hugging fit. You’ll have an instantly tailored, smooth front and a no-gap back without expensive tailoring.

1. Attach one end of your Hip Hugger to your side belt loop
2. Feed it through the back loop
3. Adjust the length for a snug fit
4. Simply clip the other end of the Hip Hugger to the other side belt loop

• Eliminates back gaps
• No-front buckle – creates a smooth front
• Easy to use – attaches to side belt loops of your pants for a snug fit

fantastic, December 21, 2011

By Sarah Hoffman
This review is from: Hip Hugger (Misc.)
This thing works great. It isn’t a substitute for a belt if your pants are too big, but it is perfect for fixing a gap in the back of your pants and for keeping stretchy jeans from pulling down too low in the back when you sit down. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I think it needs a way to clip the belt to the back belt loop. The elastic doesn’t stay in place well and it pulls up above my pants line one either side of my back belt loop,which is not very comfortable on my skin. This is a common problem with canvas/cloth belts, but it could be


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