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Oil Blotting Tissues

Won’t disturb your make-up! 100 tissues.
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Your complexion will be shine-free because Secret No. 11, Hollywood Oil Blotting Tissues, are silky-to-the-touch oil absorbent sheets that never disturb your makeup. They come in a pretty, thin, easy-to-tote-along-in-your-purse package. Use each once and toss it, ensuring the only “shine” anyone sees is your dazzling personality.

1. Remove a single sheet from the package.
2. Use the single sheet to blot away shine.

• Removes oily build up on your face without disturbing your makeup
• Use to freshen your face during an evening out of a long day at work
• Great for traveling
• Use prior to getting your picture taken

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Oil Blotting Tissues, January 25, 2012
By Cynthia Beaumont “babycat1216″

I love for my face to have a nice crisp matte look to it,but it’s hard to keep the shine at bay.I have used pressed power in the past but after the first application it starts to look caked on.So I now use Hollywood Fashion Secrets Oil Blotting Tissues! You get 100 sheets in a cute pink box it travels well and very easy to use just touch the oil blotting tissue to the shine and like magic it takes it away without messing up your make up! I would buy more then one to keep in every bag.

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