June 30

Summer in Style by Stacy London

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There is so much to love about Summer. Sunshine, festivals, concerts, romantic dates, family picnics and no more layering. It’s all about relaxed silhouettes and baring that sun-kissed skin. While we all love Summer dressing, no one loves falling prey to some of the common style pitfalls.

Rather than run the risk of baring more skin than you may have intended (with your go-to outfit of a beloved band tee cut down the sides and a pair of cut offs) at your favorite concert this season, HFS has you “covered.” Oh don’t worry, we’re all for skin and some sexy sideboob as long as you control how sexy you want to be. Or maybe you are sporting a crop top and a long skirt at this festival? Show those abs you crunched your way to this season! Keep ’em looking exactly where you want with Hollywood Fashion Tape and hold those deep side cut or crop tops in place. Perfect for dancing and letting loose instead of letting the “girls” loose.

Don’t want to risk TMI at the annual family picnic? That lovely white cotton dress may be a little more see-through outdoors than it was in the dressing room. HFS to the rescue again with Silicone CoverUps — comfy, self-adhesive, reusable-up-to-25-times nifty nipple concealers. So Grandma and your Great Aunt Helen don’t sit on their big lawn chairs tsk tsk-ing you and saying what a nice girl you used to be.

You’ve been waiting forever for HIM to ask you out. And when he does, you go out on a warm, clear night. Your outfit is chic with a hint of sexy: a skimpy top, the jeans that make your butt look awesome and a strappy sandal. The moon is full. He goes to grab your hand and… you’re fidgeting with your bra strap. Bad look, girl. Use the Bra Converter Clip to hide those peek-a-boo straps from showing under those ever-popular racer-back tanks, tops and dresses.

Let’s face it. there are a lot of fashion disasters at the beach: the orange tans, the almost non-existent bikini, and of course the old guy in the skimpy Speedo. But you never have to get lumped in with all those sights you can’t unsee. Just rely on Fashion Edition clips with swimwear to keep tops securely in place when splashing in the water.

That covers clothing, but what about the beauty pitfalls? While we may all love summer for the heat, not that many of us love the humidity.

Sweating isn’t super chic unless you’re at the gym, so carry HFS Deodorant Wipes that let you freshen up with one quick swipe to the pits. Carry extra and be ready to help a friend in need. You’re a hero.

Hot and wet weather is the perfect recipe for shiny skin and raccoon eyes as that fabulous new mascara just melts off your lashes and on to your cheeks. With HFS Oil-Blotting Tissues you can dab up and matte down that shine. And with Eye Makeup Remover swabs you can touch up in an instant, just in case you run into your ex while he’s on a date. Look cool as a cucumber while she’s standing there melting. There goes that 2nd date. Anyway, she can do much better. Come to think of it, carry a few extra of these tissues and swabs and help the poor girl out. Then whisper in her ear that he snores really loud. Arm her with beauty products and useful information. That’s sisterhood.

The Deodorant Removing Sponge removes deodorant, pet hair and powder makeup from any type of fabric — from Lycra swimsuits to cotton and fine silk … without water! It doesn’t matter what the season, Summer or Winter, this is by far the most valuable weapon in the war against looking messy. Never again go to a meeting or interview with white deodorant on the hem of your dress. (How did you even manage to get it there?) Never go meet your pal whose allergic to Spot with his hair all over your t-shirt. And never again despair that you’ve ruined your favorite silk blouse by dropping powder blush all over it. Just stop applying it when you’re driving!

Beginning this month, many of these top-to-toe Style Essentials, among others, will be launched in ULTA Beauty stores nationwide, showcasing the Hollywood Fashion Secrets product collection in an easy-to-shop system. You can discover all of the Style Essentials at other select retailers as well, or at hollywoodfashionsecrets.com.


Stacy London, Style Ambassadress for Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Image credit: Huffingtonpost.com