Top Fall Trends #3: Boots

October 1, 2013

Temp Hem Tape & Boot Straps Key Items for Fall Jean & Boot Season


With the fall season comes jeans and boots!  Shoe trends range from the flat – a key silhouette again this fall – to over-the-knee, knee-high, mid-calf and ankle boots.  Temporary Hem Tape is a must-have everyday item that lets women quickly alter pant length to fit any heel height from flats to heels with flexibility.  Boot Straps are a genius item that let women wear the sleek tuck-in trend and eliminate that bunched-up knee look.  Our Boot Straps are stretchy with Velcro closures and are flexible for high calf to low ankle placement to fit all boot heights.  And the Hip Hugger back-only belt delivers a body-hugging fit for pants by “closing the back gap” – a common fashion challenge for many women, especially with jeans.